2019 Foals

2019 Foals

Foaled Early March 2019

Sire:  Mad Desire (TD in Three x Kela Figament)
Dam: Solidly Conclusive (In Conclusion x Dreamin’ Dignant)

Sire: Mad Desire
Dam: Solidly Conclusive

Good size yearling gelding, show material or should do anything anyone would want.  Eligible for Best in the West Futurity and Appaloosa Halter Futurity, paid up in the Appaloosa Breeders Trust.  Getting a few tiny spots but has his Performance Permit to show.  Is 4 panel negative, n/H for HYPP.  $3500

 For Sale!  Contact Me



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Foaled late March 2019

Sire:  Platinum Cowboy (Ima Tiger Seeker x WR Misscheveus)
Dam: ParaBelle (Meeka) (Mi Glory Star x Para-Tammy)

Dam: ParaBelle
Sire: Platinum Cowboy

Ricky – big colt, long legs, will be 16+.  Straight, beautiful mover….should be a beautiful rider with fun color!
5 panel N/N.





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Foaled April 18, 2019

Sire:  Midas Touch Kid (AQHA) (Classic Style Gold x Primetime Plus)
Dam: Della Belle (Poppy) (Indelible Image x Para-Tammy)

Sire: Midas Touch Kid
Dam: Della Belle

Moonie – He’s everything I thought he would be – he’s a wow.  I about fell over when my headlamp showed his butt – I was hoping for characteristics!!!
He will be available at weaning to someone wanting a top show and stallion material.
5 panel N/N



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