2013 Foals

2013 Foals

We are excited about the upcoming foaling season, a first for us with such a variety of awesome stallions!  Check each mare out and envision your next winner!


Foaled 2/27/2013 – First for this year is a Filly!  Meet Poppy

Sire:  Indelible Image (The Secret x Pretty Inclusive) Owned by Smith Show Horses, West Fargo, North Dakota
Dam:  ParaBelle (Meeka) (Mi Glory Star x Para-Tammy)
Dam: ParaBelle (Meeka)
Sire: Indelible Image

Our first foal for 2013 is a filly!

She is a Stunning Filly – Poppy


Foaled 4/1/13 – 2nd is a Colt!  Meet Troy

Sire:  String of Tee (Imaginate x Chantilly David) Owned by Gordy Diers of Colorado
Dam: Rustler’s Dee Dee (Dee Dee)(Mighty Rustler x Para-Tammy)
Rustlers Dee-Dee
String of Tee










Foaled 4/1/13  Pic at 2 weeks.
Troy is an eye catching colt with great presence.  Should be able to do anything!!

Sold to Lisa Parker!





Foaled 4/9/13 3rd foal is a Colt!

Sire:  Broker’s Reward (The Spot Broker x Rewardachick) Owned by Iron Horse Ranch, Granbury, Texas.  Broker’s Reward is now a Medallion Sire.
Dam: Solidly Conclusive (In Conclusion x Dreamin’ Dignant)
Dam: Solidly Conclusive
(In Conclusion x Dreamin’ Dignant)
Sire: Broker’s Reward


Although he has no Appaloosa color/characteristics, Brownie is a quiet, sweet colt will be a great everything horse.
Sold to Emily Suhre







Foaled 4/16/13 – 4th is a loud colt!

Sire: String of Tee (Imaginate x Chantilly David) Owned by Gordy Diers of Colorado
Dam: WA Charmin Secret (Charm) (WA Secret Agent x Bright Ambermist)
Dam: WA Charmin Secret (Charm)
String of Tee

Meet Bucky  Spitten image to great grandpa Bright Auctioneer!
 Sold to Ashley Lange!


Foaled 5/6/13 –  Last is a Filly!

Sire:  Authentic Sonny (Andrews Approval x Authentic Maid) owned by Burchette Showhorses
Dam:  Rustlin’ Rosie (Mighty Rustler x Ms Mighty Joker)
Dam: Rustlin’ Rosie
Sire: Authentic Sonny


Shown above at 1 year. Beautiful grulla filly. LOOK at her pedigree!!  wow
NFS at this time.  Sadly we lost Rosie too soon.  Lily is her last foal.


The End!