2008 Foals

2008 Foals

Foaled 2008 –  Filly!  Independently Jazzy “Jazzy”

Sire:  Rustler’s JazzMan (Mighty Rustler x Plaudit Sunrise)
Dam:  Rustlin’ Rosie (Mighty Rustler x Ms Mighty Joker)
Sire: Rustler’s JazzMan
Dam: Eyes Intimidating

Indy has had a 16 day start summer of 2010 – trainer said ‘wow’ – quick, level headed, easy with a powerful natural stop.  Ridden only in a halter.  Ready to warm back up and really start training.

Sold! Congratulations to Dave McCleerey and granddaughter Abby of Missoula, MT!

Massive bodied red dun filly, chrome and sclera on one eye, should color.
Fancy filly with irreplaceable breeding – how many mares are granddaughters of BEB these days?

Besides an incredible pedigree, Indy is easy to catch, lead, tie, worm, and good with her feet.  She should mature to a big soggy mare and would be an asset to anyone who likes BEB breeding.

Foaled May 21, 2008 –  Colt!  Predetermined

Sire:  Predestined (Maids Dream x Ima Magic Miss)
Dam:  Rusanne (Mighty Rustler x Prince’s Jokette)
Sire: Predestined
Dam: Rusanne

Wow, couldn’t believe the color on this guy even tho I was expecting a leopard colt – he is going to be an extremely flashy dark buckskin – Color Class?  Halter?  Ride?  Probably do it all.  Maids Dream, Prince Charles, Mighty Rustler, Prince Fury – color, color, color!!!   Got Spots?  Sold!





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