2019 Foals

2019 Foals

Foaled Early March 2019

Sire:  Mad Desire (TD in Three x Kela Figament)
Dam: Solidly Conclusive (In Conclusion x Dreamin’ Dignant)

Sire: Mad Desire
Dam: Solidly Conclusive

Starting off the 2019 foaling season will be Solidly Conclusive aka “Connie”.
Desi photos at 3 days and 3 weeks.  Stout, quick, catty and very balanced with great legs and gorgeous head.  This beautiful colt has sclera and is eligible for
ApHC papers.
4 panel clear, n/H for HYPP.

 For Sale at Weaning!  Contact Me


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Foaled late March 2019

Sire:  Platinum Cowboy (Ima Tiger Seeker x WR Misscheveus)
Dam: ParaBelle (Meeka) (Mi Glory Star x Para-Tammy)

Dam: ParaBelle
Sire: Platinum Cowboy

Ricky – big colt, long legs, will be 16+.  Straight, beautiful mover….should be a beautiful rider with fun color!
5 panel N/N.

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Foaled April 18, 2019

Sire:  Midas Touch Kid (AQHA) (Classic Style Gold x Primetime Plus)
Dam: Della Belle (Poppy) (Indelible Image x Para-Tammy)

Sire: Midas Touch Kid
Dam: Della Belle

He’s everything I thought he would be – he’s a wow.  I about fell over when my headlamp showed his butt – I was hoping for characteristics!!!

He will be available at weaning to someone wanting a serious show contender and stallion prospect.
5 panel N/N
For Sale at Weaning!  Contact Me



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