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Cooled shipped semen contract


This certifies_______________________, herein referred to as Mare owner, has engaged

one service to_______________________for the 20_______breeding season at $________in

US funds, for the following mare:___________________________Reg.No._____________

Breed__________________ Year Foaled________




MIGHTY BLACK BART CN503718 - Breeding Fee $650.00

FOREST EDGE APPALOOSAS, agent for above stallion, is herein referred to as Breeder. Breeding season shall begin March 1 - June 30 of the year stated on the contract.

1) A completed stallion contract and photocopy of both sides of registration papers, will be on file before the first shipment of semen.
2) Stallion fee of $________ includes nonrefundable booking fee of $_______payable upon execution of this contract. The balance of ($________), PLUS collection/shipping/handling fees of (__________) must be paid before semen is shipped.
) Mare Owner agrees to the following for EACH shipment of semen: Payment in advance of shipping for collection/preparation/shipping via Fed-Ex for traditional Monday-Friday shipping. Saturday delivery additional cost is the responsibility of the Mare owner.
Shipment requests MUST be ordered a minimum of 24 hours IN ADVANCE of when semen is to be shipped!!!
) Same day shipping will necessitate an additional $100 fee .
5) Mare shall be healthy and in sound breeding condition. Mare Owner agrees to use qualified AI personal and proper care in insemination of mare. If mare does not settle, stallion owner is blameless.
6) Live Foal Guarantee: described as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance. If said mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if foal is stillborn, a return season is guaranteed the following year only, provided a written notification from a licensed veterinarian is delivered within seven (7) days of producing a nonviable foal. Rhinopneumonitis shots are required for the live foal guarantee. Failure to vaccinate will void the Live Foal Guarantee.
7) There will be no refund of fees. Return in season the following year only. If mare does not settle after 3 shipments, re-evaluation of mare is required.
8) A breeder's certificate will be issued to the Mare owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of birth of the foal (backed up with pictures of mare and foal.)
9) FOREST EDGE APPALOOSAS is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen.
No warranty, express or implied, shall accompany the Cooled Semen transferred as a result of this agreement. Having been stated, it is fully understood that FOREST EDGE APPALOOSAS
will got out of its way to make certain that the sperm count, motility, and packaging of semen shall meet/exceed the standards of our industry.

10) Any contracts 30 days past due will be assessed at 1.5% finance charge per month.
11) All accounts payable in Missoula County, Montana. Should it be necessary for Breeder to employ an attorney to enforce any terms of this agreement, including collection of money owed, Mare Owner shall pay all reasonable attorney fees, costs of suits and other expenses incurred to administer this contract. Mare owner will be turned into the Appaloosa Horse Club for failure to pay the related stallion fees/shipping.



Physical Address_____________________

City , St, Zip________________________

Phone Number____________________

Fax Number________________________

Preferred Airport____________________




City, St, Zip_______________________

Phone Number_________________


Approved By:__________________


Print ( file/print) this contract and send to
Forest Edge Appaloosas
22105 Ninemile Road
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