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Mighty Black Bart
Reserve World Champion

(Mighty Rustler x Plaudit Sunbright)


"Bo" at 3 months:







MBB Bodacious Sold


"Bo" arrived at 12:30 am Tuesday morning and couldn't be fancier!  Jet black, perfect blanket with huge spots, special face marking and just a bit of white on 3 legs.  He's tall, leggy with great muscling.  Full brother to very successful Youth gelding (4-H, Open ApHC and Youth classes, now winning in NP/Open).  He will be noticed no matter where he goes!  Definite show and stallion material.  If you are serious about Appaloosas and showing, don't pass this gorgeous colt up!  Inquire here




Rustlin' Rosie
(Mighty Rustler x Ms Mighty Joker)

July 2010



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