Forest Edge Foals for 2008:

Independently Jazzy
Congratulations to Dave McCleerey and granddaughter Abby of Missoula, MT!

Indy has had a 16 day start summer of 2010 - trainer said 'wow' - quick, level headed, easy with a powerful natural stop.  Ridden only in a halter.  Ready to warm back up and really start training.
esides an incredible pedigree, Indy is easy to catch, lead, tie, worm, and good with her feet.  She should mature to a big soggy mare and would be an asset to anyone who likes BEB breeding.   

Rustler's Jazzman x Eyes Intimidating
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Massive bodied red dun filly, chrome and sclera on one eye, should color.
Fancy filly with irreplaceable breeding - how many mares are granddaughters of BEB these days?  


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Rustler's Jazzman

Eyes Intimidating


    5/30/09 Indy as a yearling


2010 Indy as a 2 year old
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"Desi" **Sold**

May 21, 2008
Sire: Predestined (Maids Dream x Ima Magic Miss)
Dam: Rusanne (Mighty Rustler x Prince's Jokette)

Above and below at 3  months old

Wow, couldn't believe the color on this guy even tho I was expecting a leopard colt - he is going to be an extremely flashy dark buckskin - Color Class?  Halter?  Ride?  Probably do it all.  Maids Dream, Prince Charles, Mighty Rustler, Prince Fury - color, color, color!!!  Will price in about a month, for sale at weaning!  Got Spots?

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Above at 3  months old








and Now:

Desi above as a yearling at his home in Mexico


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